The Augustiner Keller in Action

Yeah, it can be jammed. Yeah, it can be loud, and yeah, sometimes they are standing on the tables.  Life at the Augustiner Keller is a crazy mash-up of locals, tourists and constant work.   The staff runs at breakneck speed nearly 20 hours a day.  Almost Every Day.

You have to see it, to believe it.  I invite you to drop in, if you are in Munich and experience life at the Keller for yourself.  Don't happen to be in the neighborhood?  Then knock back at your local micro-brewery, Starbucks, or on your couch and see what life in this historic Munich Beer estabishment is all about.  This is a limited (2017) behind-the-scenes look at life here at the Augustiner.  The Blog is updated regulaly so stop by often.

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