Barrel Maker Workshop/Fassfabrik

Last week I visited the Wilhelm Schmid Fassfabrik (click here to read more). This is the last cooper workshop in the region, one of the few actually left in Germany.  They make and repair the wooden beer barrels used at the Augustiner Keller and other breweries.  They also produce wine and garden barrels, mugs, furniture and other decorative items.  I went to see yet another facet of the infamous Keller. Of course I was delighted to see first hand the craftsmanship that goes into this dying art.  Take a look at the May picture gallery to see more of what the work life is like at this workplace.  The staff graciously allowed me to pull them away from their work for a few minutes, so that I could create an environmental portrait of each of them.  Drop down to the Gallery section and take a peak.  That is Herr Schmid himself in the blue shirt, the first picture of the gallery.




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