Stollen Day

Ah Christmas stollen, it sometimes get’s a bad rap from Americans if all they have tried are the mass produced, grocery store varieties. The powdered sugared bricks can remind us of our equally sad fruit cakes,that reside in the holiday aisles of our local Wal-Marts or drugstores. But a home-made stollen or one made by your favorite bakery can be a thing of beauty.  Yesterday, was a day for bringing bright things into the world.  It was the first day of baking Christmas stollen here at the Augustiner Keller. Made by hand and baked to a mahogany brown the stollen are then submerged into 10 kilos of butter and finally drenched in avalanche of granulated sugar.  These will rest overnight and then be ready for eating.  You might not be able to come to the Keller to try one yourself, but you can see the forming and baking process in the stollen gallery on the web site.


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