Where is the Tracht?

The Fritracht  blog was always about traditional clothing here in Germany and a little about traditional cultural events I thought people might enjoy seeing. I posted three times a week, and on FRI-days, I always posted about Trachten (hence the name…Fritracht).  So what happened?  Last year was a particularly difficult year for me as I was often out of the country for personal matters.  I simply could not keep up my schedule of finding and creating traditional clothing content for the blog.  Things have eased up a bit, and although it pains me to shift the focus of my blog, I have decided to dedicate myself to following the working life of one particularly famous beer garden here in Munich in 2017.   “The Keller Project”, as I am calling it, will be easier to maintain despite an unpredictable schedule.

I hope you will join me for a behind the scenes look at the working life of the Augustiner Keller/Biergarten this year.  Monthly galleries will highlight events and daily activities on the main page.  I also hope to blog occasionally about some of the great traditional events that occur here in Bavaria and maybe even a dirndl or two.  Thank you for your understanding.